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Turkey’s rich history and culture make her a fascinating country to visit and the jewel of the Aegean region of Turkey has to be Ephesus. Ephesus is truly one of the world’s great wonders, and is the best preserved classical city of the Eastern Mediterranean.Apollonium Spa & Beach resort provides accommodation near Ephesus and organizes an excursion where the story of life in ancient times is unveiled as you wander through the marbled streets, and gaze in wonder as the breathtaking scale of the world’s largest outdoor museum is revealed.

Ephesus was once one of the most cosmopolitan cities of the ancient world. It was famed for the Temple of Artemis, completed around 550BC, and one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

Its history is the stuff of legend as it passed from civilization to civilization. Some say it was founded by the female warriors known as Amazons; it became one of the most important of Greek cities; its Persian rulers were overthrown by Alexander The Great who brought peace and prosperity, and under the rule of the Romans it became the third largest city of the Roman Empire.

Founded as far back as the 10th Century BC, and mentioned in the Bible, Ephesus was ravaged by the Goth invasion and succumbed to earthquakes but archaeologists have discovered that so much of the vast city survived, including the Library of Celsus, the enormous amphitheatre, and the Temple of Hadrian. More recently uncovered are the hillside mansion houses, rich in murals and frescoes, the colours and patterns still vivid after 2000 years.

Legend also has it that the Apostle St Paul came to Ephesus during 50 AD to preach Christianity – while he was imprisoned nearby he wrote his Letter to the Ephesians. St John the Evangelist came to Ephesus with the Virgin Mary in his care.

Some say it was here he wrote his Gospel and was buried nearby. On nearby Bulbal Dag (Nightingale Mountain) is the House of The Virgin Mary, where it is believed she spent the last years of her life.

The House was destroyed by earthquakes and was not rediscovered until 1951, when a German nun, Catherine Emmerich, saw its location in a vision. The site is now recognized as a shrine by the Vatican and has been visited by the Popes as well as proving to be a spiritual place for people of different faiths.

Ephesus is easily reached by excursion from Apollonium Spa & Beach Resort, and is a remarkable highlight of a holiday in Turkey. So journey back though time and feel the vitality of this ancient, great city – a jewel in Turkey’s cultural crown.

Excursions are every Tuesday and Friday

Adult 149TL, child 108TL (4-10 years old)

Includes entrance fees, guiding, transportation, open buffet meal or BBQ and 2 shopping stops

Departure time 08.00

Arrival time 17.00