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Miletus was once one of the most important cities in the ancient Greek world but fell into decline over the centuries as the four working harbours began to silt over. Today Miletus is a fascinating visitor attraction in Turkey that is not too far away from our Apollonium Spa & Beach resort.

Occupying a strategic location on the west coast of Asia Minor at the mouth of the river Meander, Miletus was a powerhouse in the commerce and trading of the ancient world, but that strategic location was to prove its downfall.

Alluvium deposits carried by the river began to block up the mouth of the river and by the time the early Christian era arrived, the once great city was abandoned as the lack of access to the sea strangled their once great economy.

Miletus in the modern world

When you visit Miletus today, it is extremely hard to picture that this once great city was on the coast as the ruins lay 5 miles inland.

To understand the layout of the city, views from the Byzantine Castle called Castro Palation located upon a hill behind the theatre gives a good impression of the widely scattered ruins and the once coastline of Miletus.

The city walls, some 30 feet thick in places were stormed by Alexander the Great when he seized the city in 334BC and the main theatre, built in the 4th century BC, with a facade of 460ft and standing 100ft high originally had seating for 25,000 spectators.

According to the New Testament, the apostle Paul stopped in Miletus on his way back to Jerusalem by boat, where he met the Ephesian Elders which was recorded in the book of Acts 20:17-38.

Miletus is a fascinating place and provides one of the best examples of the ancient world for sightseeing in Turkey and is located around 30km’s by road from our Apollonium resort in Bozbuk Bay.

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