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Pamukkale means “cotton castle” in Turkish and is a major tourist attraction in the modern world. The 17 thermal springs at Pamukkale deposit carbonate material called travertine, a sedimentary rock which over many thousands of years has created many flat ‘cotton looking’ white terraces, some of which measure between 240 and 300 metres in length.

Located in the temperate climate of south western Turkey, the spa pools at Pamukkale have been used as a bathing area for thousands of years and are believed to have many healing powers.

Pamukkale was known as the white castle and the underground water once gave life to the ancient Greco-Roman and Byzantine city of Hieropolis.

A natural wonder of the world at Pamukkale, it was made a World Heritage site in 1988 and the Roman Bath of the ancient city of Hieropolis now acts as a museum which is home to a multitude of artefacts from the ancient city.

The healing waters of Pamukkale

Legend has it that the waters of Pamukkale contain healing properties and are very much used these days for beauty and health, accommodation near Pamukkale now brings tourists to the mineral waters so they can benefit from the underground spring water which is said to help with lowering blood pressure, strokes, rheumatism and circulatory problems.

Our self catering holiday accommodation at Apollonium Spa & Beach resort provides a holiday near Pamukkale giving you the opportunity to view the magnificent terraces and hot springs and also bathe in the waters if you wish.

With so many tourists visiting Pamukkale, the main areas of the travertine terraces have been protected to keep them white and reduce damage, but it is possible to walk on the south parts of the travertine without shoes and enjoy this natural wonder of the world.

Apollonium Spa & Beach resort organize a wide range of excursions to places of interest and can be booked from reception during your Turkish holiday.

Excursions are every Thursday

Adult 168TL, child 122TL (6-12 years old)

Includes entrance fees, guiding, transportation, open buffet meal and one shopping stop

Departure time 07.00

Arrival time 20.00