CLC Apollonium Spa & Beach Resort Booking Terms & Conditions

Cancellation / Prepayment / Refunds

Cancellation and prepayment policies vary according to accommodation type and offer. Please check the individual cancellation policy when selecting your accommodation.

Dependent on the cancellation policy stated on your booking confirmation, should you be entitled to a credit card refund for any reason this will be made directly to the card originally used to secure the booking. This should occur automatically within 14 days of the cancellation/confirmation of any refund due.

Prior to your departure from the hotel you will be required to settle any incidental items charged to your room. Upon check – in you will be asked to produce a valid credit card for the resort to take pre-authorisation. CLC World accepts all major credit cards including, MasterCard, Visa and American Express.

If any refund is not credited within this time period please use the contact details below:

By email:

By fax:
+90 252 564 0011

By post:
CLC Apollonium Spa & Beach resort
Tatlıkuyu Mevkii Bozbük Koyu. Milas – Muğla – Turkey

We recommend that any correspondence by post is sent by ‘registered post’ method. CLC World cannot accept liability for correspondence not received unless proof of posting is provided.

Alternatively, for further advice or to speak to an operator, please call: +90 252 564 0011