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When the sun goes down on the Aegean coast, it is easy to assume that the options of things to do are limited. To add a twist to evening entertainment, sailing the coastline goes from a daytime activity to night-time excitement.

Hop on a cruise boat to head out of town, in search of the perfect sunset which this area is well known for. There are different ways to enjoy a stunning sunset, with visitors often opting for the traditional BBQ meal cooked on the boat. As you leave the harbour area, wave goodbye to the busy town as the main aim is taking in the beauty of the Turkish coastline at night.

As you wait for the sun to dip down, you can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere with a glass of local wine. The smell from the BBQ, in good company and the prospect of a stunning sunset means it is the time to get out your camera. Be ready to take a perfect shot of when the sun balances on the horizon and then appears to sink into the water. As the sun disappears, you’ll be in awe at the spectacular colours that fill the sky.

Darkness falls and after a tasty meal, the boat heads back towards the twinkling lights that illuminate the coastline of the town. Listen to the gentle splashing of the water parting as the boat cruises sedately under the soft glow of the moon.